Customer Reviews

This helped so much with my acne scarring that I've had for over 15 years. I'm so happy, recommending this to everyone!

Patrica B. Studio City, CA

I had really bad stretch marks on my thighs and heard about dermarolling. I'm so relieved to see them going away! Starting to notice my wrinkles smoothing out after 3 weeks, very pleased with this treatment. 

Angela C. Tacoma, WA

Great product and very useful ebook that was included, very important to follow instructions. I used to pay hundreds of dollars per treatment in a med spa.  I don't feel guilty now and I can do this whenever I like!

Lani S. Atlanta, GA

I tried another derma roller on Amazon and this is much better quality!  Titanium is the way to go. Loved the e-book. Highly recommended. 

Lisa R. Camarillo, CA